What is HIPPA and why is it important?

  • Posted on: 20 March 2015
  • By: daniele

What is HIPPA and why is it important?


HIPPA or otherwise known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act of 1996 was enacted on August 21, 1996 by President Bill Clinton. It’s also known as the Kennedy-Kessenbaum Act, after two of its leading sponsors.  HIPPA protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families when they change or loose their jobs. It also requires the establishment of national standards for all electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers.

So You Started An Online Retail Business...

  • Posted on: 19 March 2015
  • By: caseyr

Starting an online retail shop can be rewarding, profitable, and an easy way to realize your dreams. You don’t need a bunch of employees to start. You don’t need a bunch of money to start a website. With a little foresight you can avoid having to maintain your website for awhile. And you can sell practically anything online, so whatever your passion is you can (hopefully) find a way to market that to the people you want, no matter how niche your passion may be. Downsides?

Absentee Lines

  • Posted on: 18 March 2015
  • By: coreyg

     Absentee reporting lines provide the means for employees to reach the appropriate supervisor or department during or after hours in case of sickness, unforeseen events, personal days, unplanned events, vacations ect. Inbound services such as ours provide toll free number or DID number for your employees when they are calling to report their absentee from work. Call center operators like ours, are trained according to your company’s instructions and know how to handle each call.

An Answering Service can Potentially save your Business!

  • Posted on: 16 March 2015
  • By: alannahw

Worried you're missing out on those prospective clients who call after hours? Let an answering service be there for your clients when you can not! Does your business receive an influx of calls during office hours that keep you from more pressing duties? Hire an answering service to lighten the load! In either of these scenarios you may inadvertently be excluding yourself from certain business opportunities just by missing a call. With an answering service, you won't miss a single one!

Staffing for Peak

  • Posted on: 10 March 2015
  • By: meredithr

Every business has a peak time.  Air Conditioning repair services are busiest in the heat of the summer.  Online Retailer seek a peak in calls around the holidays.  How many people do you need to hire or answer all of your calls?  The answer is NONE.  Hire an answering service.  The Answering Service you once knew has grown into a technically advanced business.  These new call centers aren't just equipped to take a message.  They can be trained to grow your business.  When you hire for peak, you are left with the decision to lay off extra employees.