• Posted on: 16 April 2015
  • By: coreyg

It is true what they say "You can not control the weather" but depending on the establishment, a business can thrive or fall during the winter seasons.  As the snow piles up around the country during the winter season many companies like restaurants, small local retail shops, and believe it or not a small number of breweries see a major drop in their profit margin. While during the snowy months many companies around the states are taking a major hit in sales, there are some companies that continue to boom and sometimes see the most profits during the winter season. Some times all it takes is a news alert or a single snow flake and its off to the "races". Panicked shoppers hit the supermarkets to grab whatever milk, bread, eggs, and other house hold goods they can get while it is still available. Likewise, the arrival of severe weather or even the forecast that one could be coming, all but guarantees that there will be a shortage of sand, salt, shovels and other winter coping materials. Hardware stores and home improvement centers, gas stations and other local stores selling cold-weather gear rely on storms to generate a mass number of sales. Many business operate on a strictly seasonal basis, while others operate year-round but make most of their profit during one or two seasons. Strictly seasonal companies are more likely to face a irregular cash flow making planning critical for them, since they must spend money for a longer period than money is coming in. So whether you see each snow flake as a dollar sign or a disaster one thing is certain you better know how to plan, plan, plan!