Telephone sales, a thing of the future?

  • Posted on: 1 April 2015
  • By: daniele

Telephone Sales: Direct Marketing Response, past, and present?


When you think of telephone sales, do you think of pesky call centers overseas with people you can barely understand? Do you think the product they are selling is probably junk or a gimmick?  For years call centers, outbound phone sales have had a bad wrap its time to set the record straight. But first what is direct marketing and how does it benefit businesses in today’s world? Direct marketing is defined as a channel-agnostic form of advertising which allows business and non profit organizations to communicate straight to the customer. This can include cell phone text, email, websites, online ads, fliers, catalogs and TV commercials.

So how does it work? Let’s pretend that John Doe is interested in moving, he searches on Google for moving companies, then finds a movers database. He enters his information. After doing so, that information is sent to the moving company’s outbound teams thus giving them a chance to reach out to Mr. Doe to see if they can assist. It is his information, his request, tailored for him and only him. Now the team attempts to contact him any way he has left a chance for them do so, email, phone, and U.S. mail. If they make contact and can help Mr. Doe then business would continue as if he was in front of them in a store or office, if they cant no harm. It’s a pretty straight forward approach that most people don’t understand fully because several years ago information would be sold when telephone sales started reaching out to potential customers and would call at all hours. At that time, there were no laws. Now there are laws that prohibit the calling at all hours.

So how does benefit the customer? The business? Well the customer has a chance to reach out to companies that may not be in his or her immediate area and acquire their services or product.  It give the business a chance to make sells and increase profits, expand their business into areas that they typically wouldn’t be able to get into via phone, email or mail.  Its time to realize that we do all of our shopping, communication, entertainment on our phones and its time to expand the sales world. and we should be proactive in allowing this new form of sales to enter.