Its not what you sell, its how you sell it.

  • Posted on: 20 March 2015
  • By: amandap
What is my opinion on selling over the phone? I have always been the one to say "I wish Wal-Mart delivered" How awesome would it be for you to 
call up Wal-Mart to buy a TV and listen to them try to sell you the best TV they have over the phone, AND bring it to you?
How lazy would we all become? 
A lot of people think that all call centers are is a bunch of people sitting around trying to collect money on a bill from when you 
went to the ER when you were 12. That is not the case. Call centers are very resourceful and great to count on if you are a small
or large business owner who just doesn't have the time to answer all calls at all times, or even make outbound sales for your business.
Check out your local call centers and see if there is one that fits the needs of  your company or even if they can help you with you're over the phone sells! 
Selling over the phone is wonderful! Not only does it make you more confident in what you are selling, you can also enjoy the fact that 
you will never see the person you are talking to. If you stammer, studder or have a nervous sweat you can rest assured. 
Do not ever let people feel as if you are just a voice on the other end of their phone trying to sell you something that you do not need/can't 
afford. Give them a reason to need the product that you are selling. Give them a reason that your product would be a good investment. 
Play a game of why they need your product instead of why they do not need it. Remember it's not what you sell, its how you sell it! 
Some key points to selling over the phone:
  • Smile with your voice. ( It is so easy to let someone hear you smile.)
  • Know what you are talking about. (Sure we all wing it sometimes, but make it count)
  • Have confidence in what you are selling.( How awesome is your product? Would you want to buy from you?)
  • Make sure your customer is comfortable talking to you & opening up about what they need/want. (Be personable, caring and understanding) 
Don't be afraid to open up and start a conversation about the weather or how your favorite sports team did the night before.
After all, who wants to talk to a robot or an automated system? I know I don't.