So You Started An Online Retail Business...

  • Posted on: 19 March 2015
  • By: caseyr

Starting an online retail shop can be rewarding, profitable, and an easy way to realize your dreams. You don’t need a bunch of employees to start. You don’t need a bunch of money to start a website. With a little foresight you can avoid having to maintain your website for awhile. And you can sell practically anything online, so whatever your passion is you can (hopefully) find a way to market that to the people you want, no matter how niche your passion may be. Downsides?

The problems arise when you grow past your initial five customers/regulars. Word of mouth starts spreading, things start getting more complicated, more chaotic. Your customer base grows and now you need help. You’re overwhelmed by emails, asking all sorts of questions, many of which can be found on your carefully laid-out site. Why won’t they just read the site, you say, as you respond to the same product description question for the fifteenth time with copy-pasted information straight from your splash page (not even some reclusive part of your painstakingly-designed website)! You begin spending all your time taking orders and responding to questions that you barely have time left for your passion anymore. Now it’s just a job (and a stressful one) and you are no more than a shell of an entrepreneur, weeping on the inside as your business levels out and slowly declines, your regulars leaving you because your “less in touch” with your customers, as you care less and less for your “passion”. You begin to lessen your minimal maintenance to your website, once thought to be well-designed, until you avoid your own site and inbox altogether. Until your only passion is napping and not looking at the internet. It was going so well at first. What happened?

Second paragraph, third sentence, after the conjunction: you need help. Not just from your friends, either. If you want to be professional, you need professional help. A call center or answering service would be perfect for you. You can use your time to grow and expand your business while other people take your calls, not some email they might get a response from in two to when-you-feel-like-it days later, but real time phone calls. Real time questions, concerns, and orders twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We live in the now-age, where people not just expect instant gratification, but where they demand it. If your not ready for the competitive, fast-paced world of today you will be left behind in yesterday. Period. It is a fact, not a threat, and it is the number one business killer. We live in an exciting time for businesses, where logistics issues are a thing of the past, where no matter how specific or obscure of a target client you have, you can still build a client base. And a call center is just the thing to do it. Internet is awesome and all, but phones are still the fastest way to communicate, and when paired together, can revolutionize your business, whether you have a new up-and-coming business, you’re looking to grow, or you are an older, time-tested organization looking to expand: a call center or answering service is you.